Statement on COVID-19

We’ve decided to postpone our annual Illustration Market until 2021.

Despite our original date of September 2020 being six months away, we felt it was best to make this decision now for the following reasons:

Accurate insight about the scale, severity, and spread of the COVID-19 virus has significantly escalated over the last days and weeks. Until we can comfortably assure the safety of our community at the Market, it will remain postponed. Right now we are planning for 2021, and we will keep you updated if that date too needs to change.

We know that for many of you the Market was a bright light at the end of what will be a very difficult next few months. It was for us too! We are a team of five artists and we put a ton of love into planning it each year. But the Market isn’t the end of ArtBreakers–it’s just the beginning! We want you to know that we are working behind the scenes to shift our effort to several different projects that we hope will help artists in our community during this time:

Resources for Artists During COVID-19

The first project is a new Resources for Artists during COVID-19 page: an up-to-date collection of information for artists both in our local and wider community that covers financial assistance, tools, support, and education initiatives being offered to assist artists during this time. We will be keeping this updated as new information is released.

Click here.

The Market – Online!

The second project we hope to have more details for you soon is a directory of ArtBreakers alumni’s online stores, so that in the absence of the Market members of our community have an easy way of finding and supporting our artists directly.

Details coming soon!

Support for Students

The third project we hope to have more details on soon is an initiative to help support graduating art students this year who have had their grad shows cancelled because of COVID-19. We’re not quite sure what this will look like yet, but we hope it will be a way to restore the opportunity for these students to showcase their illustration-based work to the industry and community at large.

Details coming soon!

Have questions?

We hope to have more information related to all these initiatives and more as we continue to work together in the next few weeks and months. In the meantime, we have a new FAQ page on our website that we will keep updated with current information.

If you have any questions, ideas or ways you think we can improve any of these projects please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

All the best from us and please stay safe.

-Tessa, Laura, Graeme, Amory and Kim